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OPSPro is a company born of a successful 8(a) federal government contractor. That 8(a) grew to be a $30M+ revenue company with many accolades including being named a “Best Place to Work”. the leadership of the 8(a) invested in and developed their operations capabilities to ensure that they could operate “like the big-boys”, as that was often their competition. In 2013, OPSPro was formally spun off to do the same for other firms seeking to leverage the experience and capabilities of a “been there, done that” team of professionals. That robust operations team is the foundation of OPSPro. Since that time, OPSPro has:

  • - Developed comprehensive accounting, contracting and subcontracting, human resources, information technology, payroll, project financials, and RFP support and solutions to commercial and government contracting businesses.
  • - Established account, opportunity, and capture management processes and tools that are specific to government contracting business development growth.
  • - Advanced small business management and 8(a) expertise and amassed an extensive partnership network.
  • - Provided capabilities for organizations seeking to leverage the experience and know-how of a “been there, done that” team of professionals is our strong suit. All of our offerings are customized based on the solutions designed to fit your needs.
  • - We know how to help you structure your business plan to achieve your long-term goals.
  • - Invested heavily in business management and streamlined workflow capabilities to ensure that we achieved the consistency, quality, and efficiency our clients deserve and expect.



To problem solve and consult on operations, helping small businesses leapfrog, so the business owner can focus on their unique abilities.
To be trusted advisors providing cross-functional, personalized expertise.


When you join OPSPro you become a fundamental part of a very dynamic workforce.

We provide top-notch service to our clients. In order to do that, we leverage our team members innate natural abilities to build the best possible teams across our organization. We find that the best way for team members to grow and develop is to identify their talents -- then build on those talents to create optimal job satisfaction and superior job performance.

We are supportive of work-life balance. We know that it is not a one size fits all solution. We ask our team members to define what balance looks like for them and align with our core values, ensuring that they are managing their tasks and commencements in a way that facilitates the desired balance. Our management team fosters and facilitates those desires.




  • - Willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions
  • - Owning the outcome of one's assigned tasks and projects, ensuring on time and satisfactory client delivery
  • - Ensuring deadlines are met
  • - Proactive communication
  • - Ability to adeptly adapt to changes (e.g., new regulations, new client requirements)
  • - Recognition that there are usually multiple ways to achieve a task
  • - Willingness to step outside of your comfort zone
  • - Mutual accountability equates to achieving the balance you want in life


  • - Bought into and working with the team to achieve the common goal(s)
  • - Willingness to pick up tasks that need to be completed even if not assigned to you
  • - Collaborating with internal (OPS) and external (clients and/or vendors) as needed to achieve goal(s)
  • - Proactively sharing information and lessons learned with the team
  • - Having the back of your teammates
  • - Open to the ideas of others and the validity of those ideas


  • - Providing informed advice to clients on a regular basis
  • - Recommending (and implementing as appropriate) process improvements
  • - Recognizing opportunities to expand the scope of services provided
  • - Finding a way to say "yes" or finding the path to the desired outcome of the client
  • - Understanding client expectations; addressing with the client if expectations are unrealistic or meeting or exceeding (no cost impact) realistic client expectations



  • - Solid foundation of functional knowledge
  • - Commitment to a constant state of learning
  • - Sharing expertise with teammates
  • - Adaptable to constantly changing technology and client requirements


  • - Integrity
  • - Trustworthiness
  • - No backstabbing or running a bus over your teammates
  • - Compassionate
  • - Empathy



Most of our employees are able to work remotely. This is a model that OPSPro has had since we were founded in 2013.

We are intentional in making sure that our team feels connected and engaged while geographically dispersed.

Team members have the opportunity to earn an annual bonus and there are quarterly company-wide opportunities to be recognized for exceptional performance. Employees become bonus eligible after successfully completing their first 90 days of employment.

- Employer 401(k) match 100% of 1st 5%
- More than 75% employer-paid health and welfare benefits
- Cell phone and Internet stipends
- Company-paid holidays
- Paid Time Off (PTO)
- Training and educational reimbursement
- Referral bonuses


Dedicated Work Space

  • - We ask that our team members who work from home have a dedicated workspace that is free from distraction and noise to enable professional interactions with other team members and clients.
  • - It is critical that our team records their time worked daily as it helps us track our performance as we are all working towards our mutual company goals.
  • - Does your internet connection sound like it's connecting to AOL? It may be time to upgrade! Remote employees should have high-speed internet connection of 500Mbps or higher.
  • - We know you will love working at OPSPro so much that you wouldn’t necessarily consider secondary employment, however, if you do, you will need approval from executive Management