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Fractional Integrator / COO

Fractional Integrator Services

What is an Integrator?

The Integrator is a steadying force in an organization who is an expert at removing obstacles. They work to hold the Leadership Team accountable, ensure the company is on track with its plans and goals, and
act as a tie breaker. Integrators filter and execute the ideas of the Visionary, bring organizational clarity and consistency, and focus on data driven decisions.

Why a Fractional Integrator (FI)?

A Fractional Integrator offers operational expertise on a part-time basis. They become a trusted partner to your business. Engaging a FI gives you the ability to leverage executive level skills and knowledge while your business grows to a size that can support a full-time Integrator. It is our goal to facilitate your desired business growth. At the end of engagement, we can work with you to find an Integrator best suited for your organization.

What Can You Expect from a Fractional Integrator?

• Vision/Traction Organization V/TO™ Support

• Implementing/Honing the Accountability Chart

• Working Closely with the Visionary  Execution

• Documented, Consistent Process

• Facilitating Leadership Team L10 and other L10s as requested

• Acting as the Tie Breaker on the Leadership Team

• P&L Management

• Implementing New Tools

• People Alignment / RPRS

• Issue Resolution

• Scorecard Development & Management

• Internal Operations Management

• Consistent Communication

• Mentoring and Coaching

• Keeping the Circles Connected 

• Accountability and All Rowing in the Same Direction!