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Human Resources

OPSPro provides customized Human Resource Management solutions that help you build a strong HR foundation, strengthen your existing HR processes, develop HR strategies to help you avoid costly HR problems, create a workplace in which your employees will thrive, and allow you to focus your energy on growing your business. Our products, materials and services are customized based on individual business needs. An Administrative Services Organization (ASO) is an organization that provides similar services to that of a Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) but does not legally “own” your employees. The most important difference between an ASO and a PEO is that an ASO does not establish a co-employment relationship with your employees; therefore, there’s no liability or risk assumed or shared under the ASO service model.

ASOs are built for those organizations seeking to outsource functions of payroll, health and wellness benefits and HR support and services. OPSPro’s ASO model offers the perfect solution for small to mid-sized commercial and government contracting businesses seeking administrative relief and professional management of their human resource and payroll day-to-day back-office functions while allowing you to retain control. Our team of professionals have over 50 years of combined compliance and operational support experience. See how we can accelerate your business today.


Our certified professionals respond to the HR needs that you don’t have time, expertise or resources to address as effectively. Our services can be delivered independently or as an integrated bundle to give you the flexibility you need, when you need it. Our solutions are customizable based on your needs and are designed to deliver as day to day transactions as well as long-term strategic transformations.

• Complete HR department stand up • Employee separation guidance
• Regulatory compliance and annual reporting - Affirmative Action Planning,CA Pay Data, EEO 1 ,VETS, and OSHA 300A  • Leave of absence maintenance
• Policies, procedures and employee handbooks following federal and state laws • Unemployment and workers compensation claims and appeals
• HRIS and LMS; RFP to implementation and administration • Employee grievance and conflict resolution
• HR audits; initial assessment and corrective actions • Workplace investigation and mediation
• Federal and state employment law guidance • Compliant job descriptions creation and maintenance
• Pay Band market survey; implementation and stand up • FLSA audits, correction and compliance
• Manager coaching; employee counseling and disciplinary matters  

Let us manage your most valuable asset, your human capital. Human Capital Management (HCM) is an ongoing activity of supporting managers and staff in addressing HR related issues. Our services and solutions provide for a modern workforce allowing you to hire more strategically, onboard employees faster, drive efficiencies, retain key staff members, and deliver a great experience for both you and your employees.

• Full cycle talent acquisition: job fairs --> vetting and hire • Worker’s compensation administration, injury reporting, and payroll reports
• Cradle to grave onboarding and offboarding • Reconcile employee benefit paycheck deductions
• Retention and reward programs • Recruitment training for interviewees
•HR systems employee records maintenance  • Benefit contribution reports
• Personnel e-Files; implement and upkeep  



As your partner, we assist in the plan design, contribution strategy and administration of tax-advantaged employee benefit and retirement plans that reduce taxable income and help you attract and retain top talent. We understand how complicated and time consuming it can be to navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our professionals work with you along the way to ensure plans remain up-to-date and compliant.

• Benefit plan option and contribution strategy recommendations • Benefit contribution reports
• Employee benefit discrepancies resolution • Third party system benefit contribution management
• Annual open enrollment • Employee benefits reconciliation
• New hire and midyear benefit selections • ERISA 5500 reporting
• Monitor weekly carrier EDI feeds • Executive health care plan management
• Manage COBRA and reconciliation • 401k audit assistance
• ACA 1094/5 Management and Reporting   

We understand most career management practices are designed with a specific defined goal in mind, merit justification and assessment instruments. Let us help you find a program that not only justifies increases, but monitors performance, identifies development needs and motivates your employees.

• Goal setting with corporate alignment • Succession planning
• Performance review monitoring and compliance • Compensation planning
• Traditional annual performance evaluation • Goal setting with corporate alignment
• Real-time performance evaluation snapshot program execution